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fishing tips

fishing tips

You need to make use of catfishing guides to know more about the various types of catfish. Most of the species of the catfish inhabit the freshwaters of the world while a minority is found in the saltwater. Apart from the icy Antarctica, they are found on all other continents. In terms of the size, most catfish are not too outstanding with many weighing just a few tens of pounds. They can reach unbelievably large proportions in other instances. Therefore, this makes fishing more of a nightmare then fun at certain times.

You will come across structures known as the barbells if you are reading the correct catfishing guides. These barbells are more or less the trademark signs of a catfish. Specialized for touch, they can be compared to the whiskers found on a cat. They are used to survey the environment and detect the presence of prey and predators alike. In addition, they can also be used for tasting. They differ from the whiskers in this regard. Taste is possible as a result of the buds that they have. It is of immense importance in turbid waters where visibility is reduced to a minimum.

Another feature of the catfish is the leading ray. This ray is located on the pectoral and dorsal fins and is shaped in form of a hollow container. It is very strong and produces a defensive protein whenever the catfish is disturbed or in danger. You will discover that this proteinous substance is not to be joked with by reading the appropriate catfishing guides. It can be so injurious that an individual may have to be admitted for treatment. There is also the electric catfish which can generate up to 350 volts of electricity. It surely lives up to its name. However, they do not possess the hollow ray described above which means no stinging proteins.

It is then time to get catfishing guides that discuss the fantastic process of noodling if you want to maximize your fun and excitement. The style of fishing is somewhat unconventional in noodling as you do away with both the reel and the rod. Once a pastime of the Native Indians, it become popular during the Great Depression and later evolved into a sport. The initial step to be taken to noodle is to look for areas where the catfish are likely to be found. Waters not too deep are cool for starters. You will also need individuals known as spotters who may be the one to save your life in a case where a monster catfish is threatening to drown you.

After locating an area, the next move will be to ensure that the holes and cavities you have identified are used by catfish. Poke in a stick to be certain you are not dealing with turtles or even snakes. Then the real act of noodling begins. You put in your hand into the hole and that will serve as the bait. It bites the hand and holds on to it. Spotters are on hand to remove the fish and harvest or rescue you if the catfish under the waters is just too large. Noodling can be very interesting and fun if you have the correct catfishing guides guiding you throughout the process. You get the fish, don’t let the fish get you!

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Jeremy Jefferson is a catfishing expert. For more information on catfishing guides, visit http://www.catfishinggenius.com.

Fishermen trying to find a excellent, all-around fishing fishing reel need to take a severe interest into the Jarvis Walker line. The industry constantly manufactures superior fishing tackle at low-cost rates for fishermen of all capability levels. The Rovex reel line has a concrete status for smooth, dependable performance and are extremely durable. Although keeping their reels affordable, Jarvis Walker have managed to pack in a amount of functions typically located on more pricey reels. The line has 7 versions, numbered from 1000 (ultra light) to 7000 (made) for surf and bay fishing). In the middle position of the design range is the 4000 design. Continue reading for the features and information of this fishing reel.

Concerning Rovex Reels

All the fishing reels in the Silun product line feature a tough, lightweight graphite body and a patented stainless steel oscillation block that offers immense power when cranking. Rovex reels supply five stainless steel ball bearings plus an infinite anti-reversing bearing. There’s a very good array of gear ratios in the line, from 5:4:1 in the lesser numbered versions to 4:1:1 in the higher numbered versions. Also manufactured from stainless steel are the large diameter main shafts with drilled spools to diminish the fishing reel weight. Bail arms also are made from large diameter wire for excellent performance. Handles are machined and the reels also have a handle knob made from rubber that has a new, ergonomic pattern for comfort.

The Rovex Silun 4000

This reel has a 250 metre line capacity and a powerful 4:4:1 gear ratio. The oscillation block gives superb winching power under load. The Reny Japanese graphite body and rotor present higher staying power, together with superior inflexibility and potency. The stainless steel spool has great decay resistance and five stainless steel bearings are strictly salt water spray assessed. Fishers who utilise braided line will find the extra-strong and extra-thick bail arm to be amazingly durable. Even the handle is skilfully created and machined. A number of anglers think of this fishing reel as an outstanding value for the selling price.

More About the Rovex Silun 4000

The reel weighs in at 5.4kg and offers a 12lb line capacity. This sturdily produced reel is just right for heavy duty soft baiting and is a terrific all-round reel for novice and intermediate anglers. It has outstanding reliability and
strength. Because it is tried in salt water, the Rovex Silun 4000 is a confirmed performer you can count on when you will need it most — with a fighting fish on the line. With aspects designed to diminish wear and offer excellent potency and torque, the Rovex Silun 4000 has a well-designed look and feel, with its very narrow and sleek body style. These reels come from Jarvis Walker, an Australian firm focused on creating superior, high-action equipment for both the proficient and common angler. Rovex reels tolerate continuous, heavy use quite well and each and every fisher needs to have one in their tackle box.

Rovex Silun reels have earned themselves quite a market slot for offering inexpensive fishing supplies.

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For further details on Rovex Silun reels and fishing tackle, contact Keen’s Tackle and Guns on 01656 722448. Or visit them at http://www.keenstackleandguns.co.uk/.}

Catfish are common in American waterways, fun to catch and delicious as table fare.

Channel catfish are the most abundant of the North American catfish species. They usually weigh 2-4 lbs, occasionally reaching weights of 40 pounds or more. Channel catfish are easily distinguished from other species, except blue catfish, by their deeply forked tail fin. They are olive-brown to slate-blue on the back and sides, with silvery-white on the belly. Channel cats can be caught using a variety of natural and prepared baits including crickets, nightcrawlers, minnows, shad, crawfish, frogs, sunfish, suckers and “stink baits”.

Blue catfish are the largest American catfish. They grow faster and live longer than channel catfish. Blue catfish grow to over 55 inches long and can weigh over than 100 pounds, living 20-25 years. Adult blue catfish have stout bodies with prominently humped back in front of the dorsal fin. They have deeply forked tails similar to channel catfish, but lack spots and have a large straight edged anal fin. The back and upper sides are blue to slate gray, and the lower sides and belly are white. Blue catfish are primarily large-river fish, occurring in main channels, tributaries, and impoundments of major river systems. When fishing for trophy catfish anglers use live baits including bluegill, perch, large shiners or other bait fish.

White catfish are another American species. White catfish are bluish-gray with white undersides, broad head, large mouth, stout build and moderately forked tail. Their white chin barbells distinguish it from other species of catfish. White catfish occasionally reach lengths up to 24 inches and weigh 6 pounds but a typical fish is around 12-14 inches. White catfish are found in fresh and brackish waterways of the Atlantic Coast from New York to Florida, including the Chesapeake Bay and its system of rivers, creeks and streams.

Several species of bullhead catfish live throughout North America, with 3 species being well known. They are similar in appearance, but easy to distinguish from non-bullhead species due to their squared tail and stocky build. Black bullhead have dark chin barbels and lack mottled markings on their sides. Brown bullhead have mottled sides and light margins on their fins. The common yellow bullhead are distinguished from other species of bullhead by their yellow or off-white chin barbels.

Depending on the region, bullheads may be referred by a variety of common names including bullhead catfish, bullheads, mud cats, pollywogs, pollies, river catfish, horn pout and others. Black, Brown and Yellow bullhead catfish prefer slow moving or still waterways but will tolerate a variety of habitats, including muddy water and low oxygen levels. They rely primarily on sense of smell to find food which consists of almost anything, alive or dead.

Bullhead catfish can be caught with the same techniques that are commonly used for other catfish. They are easily enticed with worms, hellgrammites, stink baits or cut baits fished on the bottom. they make excellent table fare and are a good choice for anglers that enjoy simple relaxing fishing for edible fish.

Large catfish are sometimes caught by “noodling”. Noodling is done by wading in water and inserting a hand down into holes under mud banks, rocks, or inside of hollow logs. Using bare hands as bait, the noodler wiggles their fingers in the hole in hopes that they find a large catfish. If the noodler is lucky, a monster catfish will strike and attempt to swallow their hand. The noodler then must pull the fish out onto land or onto a waiting boat without being pulled under water.

Catfish can be skinned and filleted, with the resulting flesh being white, mild tasting and suitable for a wide range of cooking methods. They are one of the most commonly discussed fish products online and plenty of cooking ideas are available by finding a seafood blog. The following recipe is for a classic meal of deep-fried beer-battered catfish.

Beer Battered Catfish

1 lb. catfish fillets
1/2 cup flour or seafood breader mix
1 egg (beaten)
1 bottle beer
1 small onion (minced)
1 cup vegetable oil
salt and pepper to taste

In a medium mixing bowl blend flour, salt, and pepper or use seafood breader mix.

In a separate medium mixing bowl beat egg well, add beer and minced onions, mix well.

Cut the catfish into 2 inch cubes or strips.

Heat the vegetable oil in a deep-fryer or skillet.

Roll the catfish into the coating, then dip into the beer-egg mixture, then back into the flour mixture.

Place dipped catfish in heated oil, cooking until golden brown.

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The author is an outdoor enthusiast, web designer and owner of several outdoor websites including Fresh Seafood, Virginia Saltwater Fishing and Fishing Guides.

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Experiences are what make our life more beautiful. Born legends, told stories and talked experiences. With all the things we do, experience bind our existence to the world. And with all those vast activities to do in Alaska, Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges are what makes our experience more memorable. Here are some helpful facts about those lodges.

There is something about Ketchikan that people talk about it. In the list of Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges, this one comes to be one in the top. You really will not have to worry of long travel before finding this spot in Alaska. Near the area are vast pacific salmon that is why it is nicknamed the capitol of salmon in Alaska. As of their accommodations, we start with clover pass resort. This is located for about 15 miles north. This is nested and has been the favourite lodge of many visitors around the world for nearly 20 years already. With just a few yards from the waterfront, have that full marina access.

Compared to Cedars Lodge, this is located in the right waterfront downtown. You will really like their room style because I truly did appreciate my room during my stay in this lodge. Also you will have easy access to float planes and ocean views. If you love shopping too, do not worry as this lodge offers cruise ships for you to have a day excursion. You get the best deal of your payment out of the many Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges you can possibly find.

Then here is the silver king lodge. This is the running longest fishing lodge in southeast part of Alaska. On Great Island’s seclusion is where you can locate the lodge that means it will be accessible using boat of float plane. But the good thing of that is you are on saltwater and self guided tours.

Fireweed Lodge separates from Ketchikan because this is located on the Prince of Wales Island. They are called to be the premier luxury of all the Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges because they target not only the game fish but their accommodation as well. They offer exceptional service and their hospitality shows the Alaskan-style. They consider guests as their friends and really treat them as one.

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge is also one of those fully guided and equipped lodge. They have cabin cruisers and guide gears making the adventure that of a 5 star.

Here is also the Sportsman’s Cove Lodge. If the purpose of your vacation is to really catch a giant halibut, then perhaps this one would be a good offer to you because it is really their specialty plus that fully guided, superb dining and also deluxe accommodation.

Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges should be experienced the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Just go to their main website if you plan for reservations. Remember, you needed a superior fish process assistant, satisfying accommodation and possibly affordable payment for all this to make your experience really worth wile.

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Chris Hanson is an expert in Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out http://www.sitkapointcharters.com.

Flathead catfish are big fish that can easily grow up to 50 inches or more. They come in colours yellow to mottled brown and can be recognized for their distinct flat head and bulbous eyes. They are found in rivers and ponds all over the United States. Their meat is delicious. My children love it. Flathead catfishes can grow to monstrous sizes and catfishing for them can present an interesting challenge. For example, you may need a heavier rod that is built to take on more weights for these critters. This means that you need to buy a medium to heavy action rod. Make sure your rods can take more than 20 pounds of weight. Also check their line capacity. And your reels got to be of good strength too.

The next thing to consider is the bait. Real tournament champion anglers work with live bait. This might make your girlfriend queasy, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, right? If you are okay with working with live bait, you will need some live gold-fish and some live blue gill. Then you will need some 9/0 or 10/0 Kahle hooks. You got to hook the fish just below the dorsal fin. The cats have these incredibly useful sense organs called barbells that will help them pick the distress signals of your live bait in water. If you feel faint already, try baiting your rigs with cut bait or shrimps. Those will work just as well. Make sure you work with Kahle hooks of sizes 4/0 or more; the cats just won’t be hooked with the smaller sizes; they just spit the hooks out if they are smaller. If you are a softy at heart and are just playing at catch and release, try circle hooks. Circle hooks cause minimum damage. If you are fishing for food, try treble hooks sizes 2/0 and above; the cats who bite will stay snagged.

The monster Flathead hides in holes, logjams, and other debris on the river bed. Check out the river bends too. If you don’t get a bite in 20 minutes, get a move on. Move to another bend or hole or a water current eddy. Try to keep your rod as steady as possible. It is also a good idea to have two or three lines dipped in at a time. You will have better chances of getting a catch if there are more lines working at the same time. Set the drag on the line to lose; this way the flatheads will be able to pull at the lines and get hooked properly.

The best season to go fishing is obviously summer, when the ponds, lakes, and rivers are flooded. If you like to go ice fishing in winters, you can hook some monster cats in winter too. The important thing is to know your water body. If you can properly predict the location where the catfish might be hiding, you can get a good haul easily.

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George Landrail is an expert in Catfishing. Want to learn more great tips about Flathead Catfishing? Visit my site http://www.catfishingpoint.com

Catfish are a particularly interesting species of fish, both in appearance and characteristics. With their smooth skin and long barbels, they look like monsters out of science fiction. They are called more commonly called Catfish, though in Africa they are known by the name Barbel.

The largest of all catfish is of the European species (Silurus glamis) which may grow up to 15′ (4.5m) in length and weigh in at 660lbs (300kg). Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a picture showing the fish at this size. There are many on Google Images, but the larger of these record the weights at around 250lbs – a long way off from 660lbs. Nevertheless, the images do show a true likeness and one has to use one’s imagination to get up to the 660lb mark. Photographs show up to three people sitting down holding the fish. Following this then, about 8 people would be needed to hold the biggest of them.

Compare this to the fact that catfish are related to minnows and the universally known goldfish. From the sublime to the ridiculous! Catfish or Barbel though, to qualify, must have at least one pair of barbels (long spiky whiskers) on their upper jaw but may also have them in pairs on the snout and on their chin.

The various species of catfish or barbel display some interesting characteristics. For instance:

The Malapterurus electricus, widely distributed in Africa, is a shocking species, able to generate up to 450 volts which it uses to defend itself and to capture prey. People keep it in aquariums and apparently it grows to recognise those who feed it. Fat, just beneath it’s skin, insulates it against it’s own electric charge, it’s head being the negative pole. Pale in colour and small, the largest growing to 4′ (1.2m) in length. The natural habitat is rivers in Africa, the Nile, Niger, Volta and the Rift Valley Lakes and Lake Chad.

The talking catfish or barbel – Acanthodoras spinosissimus – makes grunting noises by moving its pectoral spine. It is also said to be venomous to humans. Its natural habitat is in Northern South America in the Amazon and Essequibo River Basins.
The next is the upside-down catfish – synodontis batensoda – found in the larger African rivers. It has a ‘twisted’ appearance making it difficult to decide where the fins really are. It has a definite fish tail and is covered in spots which in some species are clearly visible. Some people speculate that it may swim the way it does because its especially likes the food found at the bottom.

Or how about the walking catfish – clarias batrachus – an air breather which can travel overland. Aquarium owners often report that the fish has pushed the lid off the aquarium and escaped, only to be found dead and dried up some short distance away. They cannot survive long out of water. If their skin dries, they dehydrate and die. Therefore if the fish are going to look for another water source, one would have thought they would first have knowledge of the existence of such a source nearby. They are able to exist with low levels of oxygen in the water, they come in quite a variety of colours and their barbels more commonly point out in front of them, not to the side.

There is one last catfish found in the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers of unusual characteristics called candiru (vandellia cirrhosa). More to be dreaded than the piranha, it is strongly advisable not to go skinny dipping in these rivers as it is a parasitic catfish. Ouch! If you are interested enough, you may like to look up its queerer habits yourself.

The best known catfish for sport and food in North America are the Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) and the Channel Catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus). Catfish eat more or less anything and are mostly caught by still fishing. Some suggestions for bait would be worms, maggots, small fish, bread paste or cheese. There is a very useful website called landbigfish dot com which has a search box by state, and by fish variety, allowing one to find suitable fishing spots nearby.
Here are a couple of suggestions about kayaks for fishing.

The Ocean Prowler 13: This package includes the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Trident Anger sit-on-top fishing kayak. Comes with an Ocean Kayak Basic Seat, Aqu-Bound Swell Plus paddle, a Stohlquist Fisherman Vest and two pair of Scupper Stoppers (one pair is medium, the other, small).

Future Beach DLX 126 Sporting Kayak. It is specially designed for sport fishing or photography. It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. It has and adjustable back rest and seat cushions, adjustable Step-lock foot rest systems, storage hatches with rubber covers, sealed rear bulkhead, molded-in cup holder and swivel rod holders, and front and rear bungees. All this is at a great price!

You will find these kayaks at The-Boating-Store

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A retired high school teacher. Use the free resources like’Quick Compare 35 Brand Name Kayaks’ to help you make a choice about which one is best for you’ You could also try ‘Choosing An Inflatable Kayaks For Maximum Load’ and other similar comparison resources. Or ‘Ducks at a Distance – A waterfowl identification guide. There are also free small boat plans.

While fishes swim on bodies of water, people find them to be fascinating and thus the fishing activity is born. During the today’s modern world, many people still engage in activities like fishing and make it their stress reliever after working for some time. a number of individuals choose to do halibut fishing in Alaska just to be away from their daily routines.

If you’re looking for a great outdoor activity and is checking this as one of your options, you may have read a lot of reviews about this activity in terms of how exciting it can be. Many individuals give their positive review on how they’re able to find the best fishing activities that they can try out. the good news is there are lots of things you can do to do halibut fishing in Alaska.

But if you’re not convinced with just written contents, you can check out several videos that will help you understand what they do. These videos are found online that will let you see what people do on this type of activity, which is very exciting to do.

If you’ll check at these videos, they are personally taken by people who have experienced fishing of halibuts in Alaska. Since fishing for these large species of animals are certainly memorable, many people bring their cameras while fishing so they can take videos of how they’re able to catch these large fishes.

Apart from personal videos, many of them are also many videos that are considered to be documentations of derby events. Derby events are considered to be the competitions in fishing for these fishes. If you have these videos, you can see how enjoyable this activity is for people who have tried it on their own. The competitions may be different but it will still show the different aspects of fishing and the main activity that they have in the area.

Apart from just showing halibut fishing in Alaska, this will also give you a grasp of how the area looks like. A lot of people will see the surrounding and make it as a good way to decide if they would go for a fishing trip in the area or not. With all the videos available to show these things, more and more people are doing their best to be a part of these fantastic experiences.

If you want to use these videos to decide your fishing activity, you can always find these videos online on different sites that offer halibut fishing in Alaska. They have this as their own documentation to promote their services and letting people see how beautiful the areas for their clients to see.

In conclusion, these videos will allow everyone to see how great halibut fishing in Alaska is. A lot of service providers are now extending their services online and making it an accessible activity for everyone who are looking for the perfect vacation trip. Finding these service providers online is very simple as long as they compare services throughout their chosen fishing region.

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Chris Hanson is an expert in Halibut Fishing In Alaska. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out http://www.sitkapointcharters.com.

The omnivorous catfish is naturally attracted to live baits. Shads, Crawfish and Perch are a variety of baits that more often than not lure the catfish to the angler’s line. As the catfish would eat just about anything to fill the void of hunger, a wide hodgepodge of food items is listed among favorable baits. Homemade concoctions, chicken liver, sweet corn, marshmallows, small frogs, insects, minnows and stink baits are the best catfishing bait and have been successfully used time and time again by fishers. Catfish carry a very strong smelling sense which helps them sense their prey from a considerable distance.

For catching smaller catfish like the channel, worms work best. Generally, before going fishing anglers prefer digging up their own garden worms that serve as bait. Although, this variety is not easily available at the bait shop, other kinds of night crawlers and water bugs can be purchased.

For smellier stinkers and baits, sometimes prawn and smaller shrimp varieties are soaked in fish oil. The oil lends the prawns a stronger more pungent odor, in turn making it more effective. Prawns and shrimps, frozen or otherwise found at the local sea food store are a source of good natural bait for the catfish. Their size ranges from the very small to jumbo, the latter is cut in two before it is attached to the hook and line.

Homemade bait provides the angler an opportunity to test his catfish knowledge. Since the ‘cats’ are not fussy eaters and would gobble down anything that tempts their appetite, anglers are constantly trying their hand at new and innovative baits that would give them an edge over other fishers. Very popular homemade bait consists of a mixture of peanut butter and cereal, preferably corn or frosted flakes. When such combinations are introduced into the water, the oils released attract the fish. Some anglers also try sweet corn on their treble hooks and dress it with a bread ball. The catfish picks up the scent of sweet corn, discovers the bread ball and while struggling to get a taste of corn, comes into contact with the unforgiving treble hook. Another advantage of corn bait is that the smaller fish have a difficult time with it, which makes room for the bigger cats to come in. Cheese is also an absolute favorite with most catfish.

Bait shops offer all kinds of fish food that claim to have the fish on your hook before you know it, but an angler must try a homemade bait once in a while if only to gain a little perspective about catfish. Strong smelling preparations have known to attract the most hook weary catfish. Therefore, homemade catfish concoctions reeking of fish are liberally used by anglers to make the fishing areas more inviting. Raging hunger pangs, bad eyesight and sharp noses of catfish, all work in favor of the anglers provided they use the best catfishing bait. So, if you are hoping to bring in a forty pounder for dinner, start by offering the catfish a treat they can’t resist.

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RON SHARP is a catfishing expert.
For great information and more tips the best catfishing bait, visit best catfishing bait

Fishing on the Zambezi River to the novice or experienced angler is possibly as close as one can get to absolute perfection. But what can one expect to catch and how? What are the best times of year and what are the potential dangers if any?

Our focus on this page is fishing the section of the Zambezi above Victoria Falls.

As all fishermen know it is not only about the catch but it’s about being at one with nature and your surroundings. Well what better place can you do this than on the Mighty Zambezi River?

It is ever changing through the seasons so one visit is never the same as the next keeping you spell bound every time. Wildlife and birds are in abundance and for me nothing much can be finer than a days fishing on the Zambezi River.

What you can catch

There are over 75 fish species found inhabiting these waters. The most sought-after of these is the Tiger Fish, well renowned as probably the greatest fighting fresh water fish around. It is a ferocious species which can grow as large as 33 lbs (15 Kg) in weight.

However you can also expect to catch Vundu, Three spot and Yellow-belly bream, Upper Zambezi Yellowfish and Barbel to name just a few of the most common.

Vundu is a type of catfish and is the largest fish found in the Zambezi, and can grow as large as 100 lbs. The gorgeous Yellow-belly Bream (Nembwe) reach over 4kgs in weight and is very popular amongst anglers.

How To Catch it

Trolling and spinning with artificial lures for both Tiger fish and Bream are the standard methods used. Bottom fishing and drift bait (fillet or live bait) are also very successful methods.

Some of these methods obviously require the use of a boat, so unless you have your own, it is definitely advisable to take a tour with one of the quality fishing companies around. Drifting slowly down with the current and casting into the swirling eddies often yields great fish. The really large tiger fish generally hang out in the deep water so drifting with a chicken or a fish fillet is possibly the best way to catch one of these monsters.

Fishing from the bank in the Zambezi National Park can be very rewarding if you can find the right spot for both spinning and fly fishing. Sometimes giving you that extra mobility to search out fishes in exact spots especially during the very dry season when you can creep up on the shallow waters or jump onto the rocks and cast into the fast flowing current.

Targeting Tiger fish on fly is definitely one of the most challenging and exciting experiences any angler can have. Heart stopping strikes are always followed by fantastic acrobatic aerial displays, as the tigers dance across the waters surface trying to throw your fly from their bony mouth (often successfully).

These tremendous fighters swim against the current all day long and are extremely fit, their fight is unsurpassed by any other fish so catching them on normal tackle is exciting in itself but to catch one on a fly rod is beyond belief.

When to catch it

Tigers Fish and Nembwe are targeted all year round, but are particularly prolific from late May through to December.

The rains generally start around the end of November, with the rain comes muddy water and lots of debris as well as food. As the water levels rise through January many species of fish move into the floodplains to feed and breed.
In May the water levels reach their peak and then start to subside through the next few months until they are again at their lowest in November. It is as these water levels start to recede that one can have some truly excellent fishing on the Zambezi.

The bait fish, normally around June, have to leave the security of the floodplains and make their way back to the main channel, these “bait balls” are followed by the predators, and this is when a lot of action takes place and there is excellent fishing to be had with both lure and fly.

As the water levels continue to drop, the temperatures start to increase and the water becomes crystal clear from August through to November superb fishing of all species is to be had.

What to Look out for

The Zambezi is real Africa so there is no getting away from the fact that Hippos and Crocodiles live in these waters in profusion. Experienced guides however know exactly how to avoid these animals and let them be, so that both man and animal can enjoy this magical place. So don’t let these dangers stop you from going rather make sure you go only with someone who knows what they are doing.

If you are fishing on the Zambezi from the bank don’t stand on the river bank next to a deep water channel for long periods of time, keep moving every few minutes. But in all honesty your biggest enemy here is the sun, the cool air blowing off the water lulls you into believing you are not getting burnt. So ensure that you have a wide brimmed hat, suntan cream and even long sleeved shirts.

Mosquitoes won’t worry you during the day, but at dusk they come out in full force so if you are going to be on the water at that time make sure you have some mosquito repellent with you.
The water in this section of the Zambezi above Victoria Falls is very pure and is fine to drink.

Who to go with

There are a few fishing companies operating in Victoria Falls. Boats and equipment are available on an hourly basis (minimum 2hrs) rates do vary but you can expect to pay around US$50 per hour per boat and if you book three or more hours you will get one hour free.

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