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CBA July Results

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This month’s CBA event was held June 26, 2010 at Chester Frost Park. It was a beautiful night to fish with a lot of great bags of fish being weighed in. There were 49 teams that fished this month’s tournament and were able to pay cash and prizes through 40 places.

The team of Don Lamb and Eddie Wilson had the winning bag of fish weighing 25.70# to take the win and the first place check for $2,000.00 plus a $500 bonus from Triton Boats. The win qualifies them for the 2010 Sportsman’s Warehouse Classic Championship if they fish at least 7 of the open tournament months. The following teams rounded out the remainder of the places in the money:
– 2nd – Chuck James & Brad James – 22.50# – $700
– 3rd – Chris Coleman & Chris Grizzle – 21.86# – $550
– 4th – Galen James & Tony Townsend – 20.05# – $450
– 5th – Keith Ellis & Rodger Kendrick – 19.76# – $350
– 6th – Steve Kite & Daniel Lewis – 18.54# – $300
– 7th – Nicholas Pratt & Chris Coffey – 18.33# – $250
– 8th – Randy Nuckols & Allen Mullis – 17.85# – $200
– 9th – Floyd Thompson & Dave Smith – 17.70# – $150

Jim McCalahan and Colby Trulove were the highest finishing Youth Division team. They will receive a free entry fee into next month’s tournament for their finish in the June Night tournament.

Chris Coleman and Chris Grizzle had the big fish of the tournament with a Largemouth weighing 6.42 pounds, good for $270.

Brody Stokes had the big spot of the tournament at 1.75 pounds, good for $90. Steve Kite and Daniel Lewis had the big smallmouth of the tournament at 3.39 pounds, good for $90.

The next CBA will be the Whitfield Electric Open on July 10, 2010. We would like to invite all area anglers to participate with us on the 10th.

The Chattanooga Bass Association thanked Hunter Oil Company for sponsoring this season’s first night event.

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Fishing is my passion and I spend all of my free time on the lake.

One of the great attractions of fly fishing in Montana is the terrific variety that anglers can experience on the vast array of rivers, spring creeks, ponds and lakes the state has to offer. Fishing technique and aquatic hatches are also diverse and across the state and change from month to month. April is arguably the most diverse month of the fishing season in regards to fishing techniques and hatches.

Spring weather in Montana is notoriously fickle and can produce both balmy warm days and blizzard like winter weather. April is a major transition month for weather with a tumultuous blend of cold winter storms and mild spring temperatures. Fishing in early April across Montana often produces winter like fishing conditions with a few exceptions. Water temperatures are still cold and trout are concentrated in slow deep runs in order to conserve energy. Prime feeding times coincide with the warmest part of the day which is generally from about noon until 4pm. The most productive fishing techniques during the early part of the month is generally nymph fishing just off of the bottom. Rainbows are spawning this time of year and egg patterns can often be deadly along with the standard stonefly, small mayfly and midge patterns.

Early April does offer some decent dry fly fishing in some locations. Montana fishing guides from around the state converge on the skwala stonefly that begins hatching in late March and continues into April on many of the larger rivers in Western Montana. The trout see enough of these relatively large insects to be enticed to the surface. Early April also produces some outstanding dry fly fishing over midge hatches. The best midge fishing tends to be on some of the tailwaters below dams such as the Missouri, Ruby and Bighorn.

As water temperatures continue to rise the baetis mayflies (aka blue winged olives) begin hatching in earnest by the middle of April on most Montana rivers. This smaller mayfly often produces intense hatches on cloudy days that can entice nearly every trout in the river to the surface some days. Because of the smaller size of this insect trout are not quickly filled up when feeding on baeits resulting in a long and sustained feeding window.

Late April produces an explosion of hatches and fish activity across the state. Midges and baetis continue to hatch but are also joined by the large march brown mayflies and prolific brachycentrus caddis (also known as the Mother’s Day hatch). Warming temperatures have also triggered trout to begin migrating out of their winter lies and they begin spreading into more traditional lies across the rivers. Streamer fishing can be very good in April and many of the largest trout of the season succumb to the massive streamers that many obsessed Montana fly fishing guides prefer to throw on their days off.

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Brian McGeehan is a Montana fishing outfitter and owner of Montana Angler Fly Fishing. Montana Angler specializes in designing complete Montana fishing vacations and works with a variety of lodging partners including Montana fly fishing lodges, hotels and vacation rentals. Montana Angler also offers a variety of multi day wilderness fishing trips.

Fishing is a broad category that if what you say to yourself, “Hey, I like to go into fishing,” it will be too broad to do much good. More than likely, the place where you live will have much to do with what type of fishing you will do. The two broadest categories are fishing saltwater and freshwater. From there began the refinements. There is no going fishing, fly fishing, bait casting, and even fishing cane pole is not a terrible idea for children.

What you want to do is develop an idea of what you want to catch, and then decisions will gear there. If you are new to the sport as I am sure most people reading this article would recommend you keep things as simple as possible without buying junk.

The most popular style of fishing in the United States is turning the fish. fishing gear around can be used to retrieve lures such as roulette, soft plastics, and more. Can also be used for fishing worms bait, carp, etc. Besides, money fishing combos are relatively cheap and often come with the glue line and is ready for use. Require little skill to launch.

The decision of where to buy fishing gear will take three paths. You can choose to purchase used equipment. You can choose to buy your gear from major retailers. Or you can choose to buy their material from a local sporting goods store or bait and tackle shop. Each of these options has advantages and I will not tell the reader that is definitely better than others in all cases.

Buy used equipment has the advantage of lower cost. The disadvantage is the potential, like when you buy anything used, you may end up with a piece of material that has something wrong with it. One of my favorite ways to buy fishing equipment used to move through an online auction service such as eBay. What I like is that sellers have ratings and can be seen looking much buy these securities. Vendors want to keep their high ratings.

The advantage of large retailers, whether online or brick and mortar, is low cost for new equipment. Most times, you will not receive a lot of shopping tips for your gear in one of these stores, but if you know what you want, the price will probably be difficult to overcome.

Finally, there is the local distributor. In our area there are many shops where you can go and really get great tips on gear that will be useful in the various streams and lakes throughout the area. People are outdoors and know the products they sell. However, you pay through higher costs for products of this knowledge.

In conclusion, decide what type of fishing you want to do first. Then do some research on the types of fishing gear is needed for this type of fishing. If you do these things, that will help you decide what kind of place you want to buy your computer. Also, take a quick look at an auction site. You can save considerable money.

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The Lamiglas Salmon and Steelhead Rods XMG 50 are the ideal poles for every angler. This pole is one you can use to catch all varieties of fish in numerous kinds of surroundings. If you would like to fish with assurance, like the tag line of Lamiglas say, then you should possess the XMG 50. These spoles guarantee to make every minute in fishing matter! The magnificently forged pole is very simple to transport, as it is light weight so hours of angling will not place pressure on the body. This rod is perfect for hooking salmon, but is not constrained to this kind of fish.

The Lamiglas Salmon and Steelhead Rods XMG 50 is manufactured from a combination of several top notch graphite fibers and merges different aerospace products with embellished and entwined graphite handles, in order to make the fishing adventure unforgettable. The light weight convenient to grasp handle is fantastic for times when you have to be patient for extended hours for something to bite. The handles are cozy to the grasp, which is very essential when fishing. The handle components and the rod itself guarantees you a very unforgettable and pleasant fishing encounter. Every throw of the line, every jerkof the catch will be an adventure, one will never stop thinking about. You will be able to sense every nibble of the fish, but will be shocked because of how bodiless the line feels to the touch. This is what allows these fishing rods to ascend higher thanthe rest.

The Lamiglas XMG 50 is obtainable all over the country in retail outlets that have fishing items. It can also be acquired on different online shops that attend to the needs of fishing hobbyists. The Lamiglas website also permits online shopping with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. You can search through many fishing poles on the company website or look for physical merchants in your area that have the XMG 50. All you have to do is bear in mind that fishing can be a enjoyable and satisfying sport or pastime and that fishing with poise can be achieved by having the appropriate products that meets your situation.

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You will be able to sense every nibble of the fish, but will be shocked because of how light the line feels to the touch. This is what allows the Lamiglas XMG 50 ascend higher than the rest. To view more articles visit Lamiglas fishing rods review.

Knowing the importance of a thing will make a difference in achieving your goal. The price is important to determine whether it is of good or bad quality. The place also takes its tool every time you make your plans for a trip and vacations. Everything must come into order to save your time and effort. Like doing your fly fishing adventures in one of the best places in Montana.

Research shows that there is no other place that can provide the best service and accommodations like Montana. When your family is looking for a quality place to spend their time for outdoor recreation, fishing adventure activities, camp sites and to hire quality guides you are likely describing no other than Montana. You have so many choices like having a day or night trip in Glacier National Park, the Flathead Valley and its other surrounding communities which is considered as best of the best part of Montana. With its endless beauty and all of the best services are made available to all its guests and visitors. Montana fly fishing has so many rich resources, countless rivers, parks, streams, lakes, recreational sites, and creeks to choose from and better spot for fishing activity and vacation ideas for your families.

With more reason that it provides its own fly fishing guides to help the challenge beginners how to cast their fly properly and learn all the basic and more complicated lessons in fishing. Since, it is compose of so many kinds such as the nymphs, dry flies, terrestrials, scud, worms, shrimp, wolly worms and buggers, salmon and steelhead and a lot more. Through your guides, they will teach you how to use each fly and where to apply the same in different kinds of water. It would be better for you to get familiar with the flies so that you will not find it difficult how and where to use the same. You have to take time to practice in using your own flies so that you will be able to enhance your skills and master its technique. So if you are in Montana, you have nothing to worry because they can provide all of your needs.

However, there are so many fly fishing flies that can be bought also in the fly fishing shops near you. There are also lots of companies specializing the making of the flies and of good qualities. Just be smart in looking for fishing flies and learn its functions well in your fishing adventures.

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To learn more about fly fishing, acquiring a fly fishing equipment or even enrolling on a fly fishing school, please visit Grizzly Hackle in Missoula Montana.

In Curecanti National Recreation Area, Kokanee Salmon, as well as Brown, Rainbow, Brook, and Cutthroat Trout can be caught using flies. Blue Mesa Reservoir is the largest Kokanee Salmon fishery in the United States. The fall spawning season is the best time to fish for Kokanee with flies.

The Gunnison River provides excellent fly fishing with good chances for catching large trout. The Lake Fork of the Gunnison River (Gateview) is more challenging, but also provides excellent fish habitat and sizeable trout. While the reservoirs are best fished from boats using artificial lures, fly fishing can be good in areas where there is fresh water flowing in from tributaries or drainages.

Fly fishing in the small creeks provides the best opportunity to catch fish. Curecanti provides access to public lands for the numerous small creeks feeding Blue Mesa Reservoir. Curecanti Creek and Blue Creek (boat access only at Blue Creek) are tributaries of Morrow Point Reservoir; and Cimarron and Crystal Creek empty into Crystal Reservoir. Make sure that you check the property boundaries prior to fishing to ensure that you are not fishing on private land.

The appropriate fly fishing gear can make the difference between a successful outing and a bust trip. Most of the fish that are caught on fly are done so using lightweight gear with a matched rod and line weight of between 2 and 7, 2 being extremely light and 7 being considerably more than is necessary. Without the proper fly, the fish will not take interest.

Flies that work in all seasons include the Orange Stimulator, Atoms, Royal Wolfs, Pheasant Tails, Elk Hair Caddis, and other Caddis. During the early spring and fall, streamers work well in most of the waters of Curecanti.

The tentative hatch schedule for the Gunnison area is May-Mayflies, June-Green Drakes, July/August-Stoneflies, and August Wooley Bugger and Leaches.

In addition to the fly rod and fly, a net and hemostats will aid in the successful release of live fish by minimizing handling stress.

Fish become stressed through capture and handling which upsets their blood chemistry. The effects can be cumulative and decimate a fish. We recommend these actions to increase the survival chances of a catch and release fish:

* Bring the fish in as quickly as possible.
* Use barbless hooks, or crimp the barbs with needle nose pliers.
* Minimize handling the fish. Be sure your hands or net is wet before touching the fish. Use a net with knotless mesh.
* Keep the fish in the water. It preserves its protective slime coat.
* Use a hook disgorger to remove hooks in the throat. Do not remove a deep hook, but cut the line just above the lure.
* Use a heavy leader line, which exerts maximum pressure on the fish.
* Gently hold fish in water facing upstream to allow it to gain equilibrium and add oxygen to its blood. Release it when it struggles.

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Jay Bryce is a community manger at iFished.com (http://www.ifished.com/). iFished.com has fishing and local information for over 40,000 lakes and fishing areas in the United States. Information includes current weather and forecasts, best times fishing charts, maps, local businesses and more. iFished.com also has a large library of how to fishing videos, fishing articles and current fishing reports to help you catch more fish.

Tuna fishing a common pass time for locals and Tourists alike in Massachusetts. Many enthusiasts come up especially during the Tune Fishing seasons as the tunas in this area are particularly delectable. Deep Sea Fishing takes place with gusto in the whole area especially Gloucester, Massachusetts and other neighboring islands like Nantucket etc. Gloucester has been one of the hottest Tuna fishing ports on the east coast for decades. Some of the largest tuna to over 1000 lbs have been caught within 3 miles of Gloucester.

The current around Cape Ann forms an eddie that creates a breeding ground for herring, the favorite food of Tuna. Gloucester is also close to Jefferys Ledge that has historically held the most and the largest Tuna. Local businesses like Martha’s Vineyard Spotlight, High hook Fishing Ltd. and Carryn Ann Charters are all involved in the Business. Tuna, is a big fish and often weighs upwards of 35 lbs and can go up to about 1400 lbs.

The different types of Tuna are School Tuna, the fish feeds early in the morning and the best season for hunting it will be Late July which is when large Tuna Charters hit the ocean to hunt the fish. The US Government has regulated the fishing of the creatures and so it has to be done in moderation. Tuna feed early in the A.M. most times of the year. Tide change is also important when trying to get a Tuna bite. Since, Tuna fishes are the strongest fishes in the Atlantic Ocean they can only be fished with trolling rigs as they are extremely heavy and intelligent animals they have to be baited substantially.

Blue fin Tuna is another Tuna variety available in the area but it is a protected species. It is also extremely important. Another effective method of catching Tuna is Live and dead baits can be deadly for Tuna. Live baits are caught in a net set out by the crew and or caught by you on rod and reel. The boat is then anchored on a productive edge of a bank; these are Tuna Fishing Massachusetts. The baits are set out at different depths to entice the passing fish for a snack. Chumming is effective to attract tuna into a feeding mode.

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Soniya Gurg writes content about Cod fishing charters, Tuna Fishing Massachusetts and Fishing charters. For more information visit at: http://www.kaymancharters.com/ .

PREPARATION…..Cannot be stressed enough. This may seem like a no brainer, but countless experienced anglers come up empty handed due to lack of preparation. Although experience is valuable, it doesn’t replace research. Research of course will help you in determining the proper preparation needed. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the commonly overlooked items that can lead to coming home empty handed.

First and foremost are the laws of the land! Without the proper documentation, a fisherman can be sent packing before he/she even has time to pull out his/her tackle. Find out if your fishing trip destination requires a fishing permit, and any fees associated with the permit or grounds entrance. Do these fees fit your budget? When possible, try to purchase permits before your arrival. When choosing your trout fishing location, not only should you keep your budget in mind, but also the season and type of trout you are targeting. This brings us to our next item: gear.

Most often when people think of fishing they imagine a pole and some bait, but the gear required to be successful is so much more than that. First, you must be comfortable. Many fishing outings have been cut short because one or more persons didn’t have the proper clothing. When picking personal items it is important to pack with the weather and terrain of your destination in mind. Check the weather forecast of your location. Be sure to match your clothing selection to the weather forecast. In spring, the art of layering is always a good option; one light jacket with a hood, one long sleeve shirt, one short sleeved shirt, one pair long pants, and one pair of shorts. This way you are prepared for the warmer temperatures the afternoon can bring and the cooler weather of the evening/night. Remember to pack things like sunscreen and rubber shoes, when needed. What is the terrain of your location? Is it a mountain stream location? Will you need shoes suitable for hiking? Will you be wading? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself or others who have been to the same location in the same season. After clothing, the other gear that requires preparation is your tackle.

Your line, rod, bait, hooks, and reel all deserve careful consideration. Your rod, line, and reel should be fishing ready before you leave. Your line should be well oiled and the rod should be pumped. If smaller trout, like brookies, are the target, light gear should be considered. Hooks and bait go hand in hand. The two should compliment each other. From synthetic bait to live, it is not uncommon for experienced anglers to stock more than one type of bait on one outing. Similar to the clothing, your bait selection is chosen with the season and terrain in mind. But, unlike the clothing, you should also take in to account the type of trout you are after when choosing bait. Although it is a challenge to predict what bait the fish will be attracted to on any given day, there are some clues that can help you. The main clues to notice are; the color of the water, plants, rocks, insects and smaller fish of the area, the areas of the body of water the fish are located, the depth of water the fish are feeding at, and what the fish usually feed on.

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Bill Waterman is a trout fishing enthusiast. For more great information on
trout fishing, visit TroutFishingManual.com

flv converter ipod

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In fact, the FLV Converter which retails for approximately $30US, allows users to DVD Ripper on up to five computer systems or portable hard drives, and does not allow users to alter the copyright protection on the original DVD in any way. The program is said to lock the copied movie on to each hard drive and is contained within the RealDVD program, all of which, fall under the ‘fair use’ policy of current Intellectual Property Law.

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It is reported by Soft4file Studio that their strong software blu-ray rippernamed Soft4file Blu-ray DVD Ripper had already gone public. Expectations are high as this Blu-ray DVD Ripper began to hit the software market.Right here will indicate you the detail process of Video Converter Flash Video video to ipod Mpeg4 conversion in various actions with powerful Flash Video to ipod Mp4 format Converter for Mac -Soft4file Video clip Converter for Mac pcSo that you can convert Dvd to ipod device Touch on Mac, the greatest point to do is to get a dvd ripper for mac pc. There are numerous digital video disc rippers out there while using support of which you may rip Dvd to iPhone compatible structure with great ease and higher high quality.

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From March to the end of April, in some lakes it could last into June, big bass spawn on shallow, sandy beds.

Lures: A lure to trigger a reaction bite is required; light-colored jigs or plastics are easy to see on the bottom. An imitation plastic trout lure can also be used. My personal preferences are: white creature, white jigs and my favorite the Banjo minnow frogs in white color on a texas rig or dropshot rig. Anything white for me would work, so it make it easy to see underwater.

Weapons of choice: When I’m sightfishing during the spawn, I usually carry 3 rods with me.

1: Baitcast reel with 12lb Flouro on a 7ft Medium-Heavy action rod use for texas rig

2: Baitcast reel with 8lb Flouro on a 6.5ft Medium-Heavy action rod use for texas rig

3: Spinning reel w/6lb flouro on 7ft medium-action spinning rod use for dropshotting.

Cast directly onto or over the sandy spawning beds and work your way into it. Typically, the large female bass is accompanied by a smaller male, whose job it is to clear the bed & guard it. There will be this 1 tiny spot the size of dollar coin that you need to get that lure on. This is what I call the strike zone, you get the lure on that zone and guarantee that you will get hit.

Now is the time that you need to show patience. The male will most likely be the first to hit, when this happens, do not set the hook. Let the male take it and spit it out away from that bed. If the hook is set on the male, it will startle the female. Keep casting in to the bed, eventually the female will get irritated enough where she’ll push the male and hit your lure.

If you can’t get her to hit after working the bed for awhile, leave the bed for awhile and return later to try a different lure. When the female does take the lure, be sure to get a solid hook set and hold on.

Good luck fishing the next spawn and remember to practice CPR (catch, photograph, release).

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An avid fisherman with a lifetime of experience in both freshwater & saltwater fishing.
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